Divining (2010) was a collaborative, site-specific installation with Nicki Stager that incorporated video and mixed mediums at More Serious Business, Northampton Community College, Bethlehem (PA). The work referenced notions of spiritual quest and physical need within a complicated existence that increasingly places demands on finite natural resources. The piece combined video, a newly produced version of the traditional song “Wade in the Water,” large abstract photographic prints, tree branches—some resembling dowsing rods; others fashioned into a crude, lash-jointed table which supported one of the photographic images—and manufactured objects including drinking glasses and cases of single-serving packets of “Emergency Drinking Water.” 

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 The space had been modified with subdued, indirect lighting that allowed the video projection to modulate the overall light level of the room. Visitors who watched the video slowly became aware of details of the installation, which may suggest some sort of stop-gap response to a desperate situation. The work was produced with thanks to Natalie Notoris for the vocals on “Wade in the Water.” 

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Divining Video