Readings (2022) is a collaboration with noted Intuitive Counselor, Michael Barnett (aka, Blue Turtle). The collaboration resulted in a twelve-unit photographic wall piece, a video projection, and a book that’s currently in production. Michael read for twelve individuals and each cup was photographed at the conclusion of the reading. In the photographs, the orientation of the cup reflects Michael’s indication of the “top” of the reading. Each reading was recorded and serves as the soundtrack for the video. The rotating and zooming motions of the cups in the video represent Michael’s movement of the cups during typical readings. 

Above: Readings, a single photographic work comprising twelve units, variable dimension. Each unit: Archival pigmented ink on semi-gloss paper,12 x 12 inches, 2022

Below: “Readings (Individual), each is approximately 3-4 minutes with sound. All twelve are projected as a single 44-minute continuous looping projection, 2022. The complete video is below.

Readings: 44 Year Old Female Readings: 42 Year Old Male Readings: 71 Year Old Male Readings: 63 Year Old Male Readings: 63 Year Old Female Readings: 43 Year Old Female Readings: 70 Year Old Female Readings: 53 Year Old Male Readings: 45 Year Old Female Readings: 60 Year Old Female Readings: 36 Year Old Male Readings: 21 Year Old Female

Readings (The Complete Video), 44 minutes with sound, projected as a continuous loop, 2022