Lost in Translation (2007; 0:18) is the result of a humorous exchange about a Japanese road sign in Tokyo with Ted E. Shelton. 

Linguistic Repair (2007; 0:40) is a remake of an earlier piece produced on half-inch, reel-to-reel, helical-scan video. The original 1975 work no longer exists. 

Muybridge Mash Up (2007; 14:28) documents a personal morning shaving/tooth-brushing routine shot on 30 consecutive days. Daily clips are overlaid so that similarities and variations in the routine become the core of the piece’s visuals and audio content. Shooting began at the same point of the routine each day, but the overall duration of the routine varies greatly so that the end of the tape depicts a single, ghostly image.

Lost in Translation

Linguistic Repair

Muybridge Mash Up