Represented by a thought balloon (devoid of words)

Represented by a thought balloon (devoid of words) (1998) consisted of a painted wall and text installed at The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (GA). Using American Sign Language illustrations, red hands painted on the wall spelled the word, “look,” and large letters on each hand spelled “away.” The words, taken from the familiar refrain of the southern battle anthem, “Dixie,” were commentary on the feelings of separatism, both overt and covert, that continue to exist in the American South. Small rectangles of card stock, each containing a single word, were pinned, specimen-style using steel pins, so that they hovered an inch or so in front of the wall. 

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Like a string of insects in a collection, a long, horizontal strip of these words spanned the 16-foot wall containing lyrics from the song. Between the painted hands, grids of approximately 150 words each metaphorically commented on being a prodigal son of the Confederacy. 

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