March Series

March Series (1978) included 31 drawings arranged in a 5-row by 7-column grid, push-pinned to a gallery wall. Each day for a month, I filled a page of 18-by-24-inch drawing paper with nonstop writing in my normal handwriting size and style. Each would take several hours to complete and content quickly became an issue because the “nonstop” aspect was central to the concept of “passing time.” 

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As a result, some of the text described my deepest secrets, fantasies about people I knew (identified by name), and personal confessions I had never made to another human being. These items were scattered throughout the drawings, but because of the calendrical placement of the finished pieces, few viewers tried to read the rows near the top or bottom of the wall. The line lengths made it difficult to read more than a single line of text without losing one’s place. Therefore, the information was accessible, but neither I nor the viewer knew where the “good parts” were located. 

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